Thursday, November 20, 2014

#ThriftyThursday for #NaBloPoMo #HashtagParty

I got fancied up a little bit this morning, because there was a Thanksgiving lunch at school and parents could come eat with our littles. Molly was so excited that I forced through the very insistent pain telling me to stay, for the love of GOD STAY, in bed. 

But let's look at my fantastic accessories!

The scarf!
The earrings!

These are my single most beloved pair of earrings. They have so many shapes I love—Crescent moons, spirals, and tiny beads. The hint of antiqued warmth in the silver is so beautiful.

I've had these for ages. I bought them at the thrift store maybe 12, 13 years ago. I was still in school the first time I worked there as a barista and clothing shopgirl. 

The scarf is one of an absurd number I bought there as well.

A moment of silence for my sadness. I seriously miss that place.

Okay, closeup on earrings of perfection, crammed in with my ever-present hoops:

By the time we finished eating our surprisingly yum lunch and hanging out with Molly's class, my legs and back were utterly and gravely destroyed. 

Obviously, the rest of the day's been a bed day. Shane and the Bird are out grabbing us something for dinner and picking up a fresh muscle relaxer 'script. 

Me, now:

Hello from me, melted mascara, a metric fuckton of Percocet, and my favorite T-shirt. Odd how my eyebrow makeup survived a nap really well. Groovy: it's the little things & such.

Goodnight, Interwebz. I lurve you. See you tomorrow in goddess willing a post actually written in an upright position. 


  1. I've seen that little swirl shape in archaeological sites in Malta and Costa Rica. I'm sure it's many other places too. I think I was told by a guide somewhere that it represents eternity

    1. Yes! It's been one of my favorite symbols as long as I can remember:D I've seen it associated with time (eternity), renewal, the divine feminine, and probably a few other things. I adore how ancient and primal it is. Yay, spirals!