Monday, November 3, 2014

Your Dose of Heidi Randomness, a #NaBloPoMo Edition

If you're new to the blog via the part when I eventually remember to register at BlogHer, I occasionally post "Random Bullet Blogging" of little mini stories or blips or whatever.

Let's get on to the (awesome kind of) bullets, yeah? Yeah.

  • I'm going to be posting an art piece in the next few days, and I'll auction it off as a fundraiser for my friend April. She's a woman I met during the Artist's Way group I participated in several years ago at her yoga studio, The Folded Leaf. She just washed over me with this aura of calm and grounded energy. She is like talking to Pan if he'd taken some Xanax. I haven't nurtured a deeper friendship yet, but she has always been one of those people who leave an indelible impression.

    And she has cancer. She's undergoing chemo for breast cancer now, and her Facebook friends are watching an incredibly raw, candid story of her journey. If I can I'll add a donate button to each NaBlo post as well.
  • My daughter is becoming more clever and hysterically funny every day. This afternoon, I joked that as I was born a fairy, I fart and poop fairy dust. She deadpanned, "A fairy? Hmm. Didn't realize they'd found a cure for that," I lost my damn mind cackling at her and her amazing delivery.
  • Puppies should come with a video like this:

    Do. Not. Blink. 

    Because I blinked and in the space of my eyelids closing and then opening, Finn created a mess of truly impressive magnitude. He is having some major Halloween candy related behavior issues.
  • And this insanity happened on really intense pain day, and the combination of pain and crazy destruction triggered significant anxiety and I actually scared Molly with one of my babble/rants and she confessed that she worries when I call myself crazy that I might go severe crazy, like hurt someone crazy so we snuggled and I explained functional mental illness and severe illness.
  • And that, again, leads me to observe that because she speaks so eloquently and maturely that doesn't mean she can psychologically process things at an equivalent level. I treat her like a teenager much too often, but at the same time she still clings to me so much I worry about that.

    And then all that spirals until I'm a tangle of fear that I'm doing it all wrong. There is, to my comfort, a voice of reason speaking to me that every parent shares that fear, and for the most part, we are doing it well.
Be well, bl'eaders, and I hope those little voices inside are speaking sweetly to you tonight.


  1. Second Doctor Who reference I've come across while reading NaBloPoMo posts today! Clearly the universe is telling me there is not enought Doctor in my life right now. Love your fundraiser plans for your friend. :)

    1. Thank you, sweetpea! I'd replied several days ago but the interwebz saw fit to eat my comment:/