Saturday, December 13, 2014

Forests and Films : The Only Reasons to Leave the House

Last night I demanded a date night—the going out kind. Often we stay in so I can rest Frankenspine flat and watch some Netflix or rent a movie. I had just enough sit-upright mojo for a theater, so we saw Mockingjay Part One. It did necessitate a good, thorough opiate-ing, so I'm not sure if my review is completely accurate.

My review is: Sleepy

Julianne Moore was good but not amazing (except her hair, which was breathtaking) but I forgive this because I'm in mad, hot love with her and in a parallel universe we are blissfully married. Ooh! No: In a parallel universe she's my hot linguistics professor in grad school (because in that world I'm going to be an etymologist) and we're having a very naughty affair. Yes; that's the story. 

Anyway, all the excitement was saved for Part 2, and I mean all of it. This installment should've been compressed into thirty minutes at the beginning of one  exciting action film. There were a few almost-great moments, and all of them were Woody Harrelson. 

I haven't decided what our relationship issues in another universe, but it definitely involves my being bendy enough for yoga classes with him.

So it was pleasant being out, mediocre movie notwithstanding.

I've been absorbed in designing and illustrating between bouts of bad pain days and a bit of illness last week, but Shane made sure to force me out of bed once to be beneath trees and sky. He sighted in his rifle, because he's planning to go hunting this season and I sat in the van relaxing with a meaningless doodle page in my sketchbook.

It was a nice break although, being me, I spaced out and forgot why he'd taken me into the forest and jumped in hilarious shock at his first shot.

And I had to pee, which was cool because I noticed this prettiness:

Looks like some swampy vibes were going on, but that's just me playing with Snapseed filters. I seriously dig the processed image, though.

And this is my drawing break over. I'll show up here sooner next time, I hope. It bothers me to miss a week of posting, much less two. 

Be cozy and well. I send you all imaginary virtual snuggles from my fireside. And remember, if you ever find yourself taking a wilderness pee and noticing lovely vines, go back afterward with your phone or camera. No one wants to drop their tech in pee.

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