Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Life Keeps Keepin' On

Hello, my bl'eaders. I've my writing (various other small projects but the blog hasn't been anything like a priority) terribly little, but life has thrown a staggering amount of distractions, worry, wonderment, and general chaos my way lately.

My dad-in-law has had a recurrence of his cancer but is recovering, astonishingly. He's a private guy and wouldn't be well-pleased for me to share details, so I haven't written much about it. He was hospitalized on April 16th, my mom's birthday, and I was certain we'd lose him within the week. And then within the month. But he started improving at last and is steadily gaining strength and feeling less and less pain.

During the scarier weeks, my aunt(mom) had a minor heart attack, and though she was released fairly quickly, the timing and the fact that this was a second attack was rattling as hell. She's been home for weeks and is very well looked after by my brother, who's an incredible caretaker. He's so thorough in his research and diligence he should be an M.D. at this point.

And as all this is happening, Shane made the stunning, life-changing decision to leave his office job and return to work at ACE Adventure Resort, where he was a white water raft guide for ten years. He's now helping run the paintball field and doing rock climbing and zip line tours. 

He's glowing with more than a sunny tan. The outdoors is his element, and seeing him so happy has me falling in love with him as if he's a new man, though it's more the case that he's his truest primal self again. 

Yesterday afternoon, Bird and I went up into the mountains to frolic at the lake at ACE and meet him after his climbing session. I'd only ever been to ACE in the winter. Souster, lovely Marie, and our dudes used to spend New Years there, sipping (read: chugging) champagne in the hot tub surrounded by snow.

The lake was fantastic, and the day merits its own post after I compile and edit photos. I foresee many, many ACE days this summer. 

I have much to do the next couple of days. My Bu has a birthday tomorrow and we're hoping to do Birdy a room makeover. Little Bit has a new single bed of her own and is mad stoked to get it installed. We'll see how much excitement remains when we see how she handles a few nights in her own. 

She turned nine during these months of crazy. I'm as proud of the cake I made as I've been of sculptures before. 

Behold the Minecraft wonderment:

It was a five-layer monster. She was ecstatic.

Away with me now—more life needs living.

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