Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Triumphant Return of Bullet Blogging

  • The husband positively believes I have Actual Magical Powers (tm) although I don't ascribe to this.
  •  This means that mentions of certain trickster gods make him a bit twitchy.

  • Also, I will absolutely still do spells occasionally as prayer of any sort is a comforting ritual. I celebrate the Sabbats, too, mostly because Bird is a devout babywitch.
  • I am very arbitrary in my affection for evolving language. Some new word forms should probably piss me off—it hurts me to place a preposition at the end of a sentence despite this being an almost completely obsolete rule—but rather than cringing, I embrace them lustily. Example: The use of "super" and "crazy" as adverbs. I super love that.
  • This story rocks my world: Roman 'curse tablets' were discovered in Serbia. My friend Eva M. Hamilton is a font of fascinating information and trivia. If you have a Tumblr, you've got to follow her.
  • I am, if possible, even more stoked than usual about Samhain/Halloween. I saw pumpkins for sale at the grocery store a solid month ago and it was the exact inverse of when we see Christmas shit up in fucking September. I bought a felt skully at the dollar store and Bird and I checked out the Spirit Halloween shop at Patrick Street.
  • IT IS GLORIOUS. We haven't ever had a pop-up Halloween store this big. I expected it to be pitifully sparse as it's in the old Sport Mart. It's not. It's amazing.
  • Annoyingly, the Alice costume Bird wants is $35+. Not crazy at all, but we also have to buy tickets to Shockacon.
  • I'm doing a femme Mad Hatter. I have researched actual mercury poisoning, because of course I have. It's going to be a Burton/Depp inspired thing with the realistic poisoning touches.
  • I've been TREATED FOR MY PMDD! I've just had a shot of Lupron, which will give me a three-ish months taste of menopause. Assuming my mood disorder stabilizes, my new gyno will remove just the ovaries.
  • I've spend too much time reading and chatting with British friends (eheheh: no, not at all. I love you, H et al...) because I really wanted to type stabilise.
(Loki gif via Fanpop.com)

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