Wednesday, April 5, 2017

#NaPoWriMo 3: Even the Bad Ones

This is a trite nature lurve poem culled from a messy scrawl of thoughts about our symbiosis with land and water and the attack on same by WV and US lawmakers. This thing here, I don't know. I'm posting it as I like the idea and the rhythm, though I realize there's a rhyme missing and it's just a parody-of-myself kinda piece.

Whatever; it's about the exercise, not posting a polished gleaming poem every day, and I have to catch up having been stoned off my mind on muscle relaxers and anti-convulsants for several days. So, flopping this online and getting back to resting.
Something blue:
Sky is piercing 
clear and painful-bright
this morning. 
Something borrowed:
Breeze is stirring;
it holds kisses,
lilac scented.
Something old:
hills are rippling
Dogwoods white,
the hills adorning
Something new:
every blossom
carries promise
as if spring were
just newborn.

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