Sunday, October 1, 2017

Happy Gothtober!

You may remember my mentioning before that my friends at work mannnnyyy years ago and I always wore solid black on the first of October, to kick of what we insisted (I stand by this, obviously) was a month long High Holiday for Wiccans and general gothy witchy types.

Now I've seen that #Gothtober is a thing, and I rejoice.

So I went fucking crazy and did my regular platinum goth look and then a wardrobe/makeup change and popped on my new favorite wig. Also one contact lens, not in homage to the Weird Ass Uncle Marilyn of popgoth, but because I've weaponized my fingernails and I scratched one of the fucking lenses.

Can I tell you how much I love glitter tears?
Also NYX Stone Fox Liquid Lipstick.
Love that, too.

So hi, I'm back, and my nerves aren't attacking my skull every damn day.

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