Wednesday, March 7, 2018

I am Heidi's Occipital Nerve

All the nerves you see hurt, except for some reason, the one under my lip.
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... And, it seems, I fucking hate her.

(I'm also her excuse for never posting. But 'BONERS, it is a seriously good excuse.)

Welp. I sat down to write an actual narrative about all this with PLENTY of snark included* but I'm taking two anti-convulsants now, so you're lucky you're even getting English syntax. 

In fact, I just tried to smash those together and type
"Englysh" so yeeeaaahhh: not so much: You get an info dump.

I have a new CT scan next week to make sure there's no new fuckery, but current diagnosis is Occipital Neuralgia, in my case from disc failure causing compression. My research finds it's usually between the C1 and C2 vertebrae. The scan I had in July showed my degenerative disc disease was definitely affecting the cervical discs.

The diagnosis from
my current/former neurologist, Dr. You're SO Goddamn Fired It's Hilarious**. The other team members are Dr. Amazing, my GP and Dr. Pain Manager, who is equally fabulous. 

So Occipital Neuralgia is like having a migraine all the time or almost all the time--I do have days like today when it's just pressure, like I'm wearing overly tight earmuffs at my temples with random "stabbies," the lightning-like pain people with sciatica know too well.

Light in my eyes is a sonofabitch, and I'm going to have to go rest in the dark pretty much right now.
I miss this space so much. I miss... everything? so much. Shane and Molly and my family are fucking amazing and I would absolutely not have made it through the past year without their support and the constant virtual hugs and listening from Elizabeth and Celeste.

I adore y'all and the whole landscape of my life this past year is just unrecognizable to me without you two amazing stars.

*I am v v v unhappy with one of my doctors but mblergh the story's too long for my brain to tell right now.
**OOPS I snarked anyway.

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  1. Heidi, I have the same problem with severe degenerative arthritis in my spine, affecting most the cervical and caudal vertebrae. It pinches nerves. I was getting cortisone shots but found the shots hurt worse and gave less relief over time. My pain doc wanted me to take up to 6 gabepentin a day, but sometime held me back. I take 1 or 2 at the most and don't find pain worse when I don't take them. My ex-husband swears by a Teeter bed, a device that tilts your whole body and gives some relief of the compression between the vertebrae. I haven't bought one yet as they're expensive (around $200 at Dicks) but I'm tempted