Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Poem: Holler, Dragon

I was wonderin’ what’s a holler
dragon like? Black scales like garter snakes
& piled tires hot in the sun when it finally rose up
enough to crest in fire bright over the hill.

Raisin’ hell & mad as a hornet, liftin’ wings of corrugated metal
feathers--stitched in like crazy quilts draped over rocking chairs--
of crows, fat from french fries ate when mamaw’s too
tired for biscuits. Dragon squawks like them, fussin’ loud
& un-self-conscious like my old neighbor.

Shiny like stolen copper & hungry from the good buds
we grow, illegal, this’s what a holler dragon lives on:

poisoned cricks,
meat grilled over lighter fluid & charcoal,
and end consonants.

I envied her screaming, that raging neighbor out
at midnight givin’ him down the road loud
as that practice whistle they blow in case MIC
bursts in plumes of lethal smoke
& writhes in the air so high

y’all could see it from up on in your
houses with the good view
from way up there, pitchin’ fits
on welfare queens
but sittin’ pretty
on fat stacks
of coal money,
kings of the stripped

© Heidi Richardson Evans 2018 all rights reserved

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