Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Beyond Belief?

In my new post at Medium, I finally get a story baby out into the world I've been trying to articulate for ages. I've been feeling my witchiness a lot, and it's empowering as all get out, but that doesn't mean I suddenly got religion. Witch does not equal Wicca.

Here, y'all go read it, then have a yummy Strawberry Moon day: Magic without Boundaries: On Freeing Witchcraft from Religion

I’m interested in the roots of the idea of witches. Hedge-shadowed women tending to ailments and creepy, haunted-eyed soothsayers. I’m into reading my tarot cards and kitchen witchin’ and being the scary old bitch who tends her plants and hexes the Southern Baptists who have no idea how right they are calling me a witch when I volunteer at the abortion clinic.

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