I’m Heidi Richardson Evans: Appalachian cave witch, writer, artist, queer dragon mom, & anatomical non-conformist.

I live in a house made of mismatched old bricks in a little hollow in Charleston, WV.

I've been writing online since 1997 and here (when it was daisybones.com) since 2006, becoming My Strange Bones ten years later. I was born in 1976 and think the best shoes ever are circa 1994.

My favorite words are syzygy, epiphane, synaesthesia, diaphanous, verdant, subversive, and indigo.

I write a slightly manic creative explosion of topics, ranging (loosely) from art and poetry to my life with bipolar type 2 and physical disabilities.

Regarding the anatomical noncomformity, I possess a fascinatingly weird claw hand, a few extra organs, bones and arteries in the wrong places, & a crooked spine, now with new cyborg parts.

(About Phocomelia Syndrome.)

Welcome to my little corner of the resistance.