I’m Heidi Richardson Evans: Anatomical non-conformist, artist, writer, and mama from Charleston, WV.

I'm a
 mostly-vegetarian, intersectional feminist, spoonie, & sometimes activist. I live with my husband, daughter, & floofy puppy in a house made of mismatched bricks in a little hollow in Appalachia.

I've been writing online since 1997ish and here (when it was daisybones.com) since 2006, becoming My Strange Bones ten years later. I was born in 1976 and think the best shoes ever are circa 1994. 

My favorite words are epiphanesynaesthesia, azure, diaphanous, verdant, meta, sapiosexual, subversive, and indigo.

When it occurs to me, I write about my experience with the aforementioned anatomical noncomformity- I possess a fascinatingly weird claw hand, a few extra organs, bones in the wrong places, & a crooked spine, now with new cyborg parts. 

In spring of 2012, I accidentally bumped into a long-sought diagnosis of Phocomelia. (About Phocomelia Syndrome.)

Welcome to my little corner of the resistance.