About Heidi Richardson Evans

I'm Heidi. Appalachian artist, writer, bipolar cave witch, & anatomical non-conformist.

I live in a house made of mismatched old bricks by a creek in Charleston, WV. I'm a lifelong resident of the Kanawha Valley, but for a brief and disastrous experiment as a big city dweller in Pittsburgh.

I have a BA in Art from West Virginia State University, where I laughed at the definition of specialization and “specialized” in Ceramics, Printmaking, Drawing, Painting, and Art History. Also Design. And Women’s Studies, too.

I have a daughter, a ridiculous fluffy dog, and a worrisome tendency to trip over things because I'm staring at the stars. 

I have a crush on the Pleiades.

I write creative non-fiction here and elsewhere about my weird-ass body and life as a feral human who does spells and draws tarot cards, as in both I pull them from a deck to get insight and I create them on paper with ink.